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Amazing teacher

"I started yoga last year in September and have gone from a complete novice to yoga junkie - this is all down to the fabulous Claire. She is an amazing teacher, explaining the moves clearly and accommodating individual people's abilities. There is always something new each class and a wonderful relaxation at the end. I feel so much better for my weekly class and really notice when I have to miss my class. My tummy is definitely starting to look less flabby! I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone and everyone." Melissa 

Made a huge difference to my life

"I love going to Claire's yoga classes, it is my little oasis of calm every week, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  Claire is a wonderful, informative teacher, explaining postures fully, giving options to suit all abilities with varying routines every week.  My health, fitness and flexibility have all improved since starting yoga.  I can't imagine life without Claires's yoga, it has made a huge difference to my life, my partner has now joined us and finds his back pain has improved immensely." Debi

A wonderful ambience

"Having attended numerous yoga classes over the last 10 years, I have experienced many teaching styles and approaches to the practice before coming across Krama Yoga. Initially I enquired by emailing Claire via her website, and she responded informatively that same evening. She keeps up to date with my current physical issues (a knee and back injury) and remembers throughout the practice to give me alternative options where necessary. The classes are very relaxed with a friendly atmosphere, not at all intimidating even for a new comer. This is aided hugely by the effort Claire puts in to creating a wonderful ambience with the lights dimmed, candles and incense, and buddhas around the room: such a beautiful touch. I’ve often felt during classes elsewhere conscious of the class length, however this perception of time disappears during Claire’s classes and I easily focus, concentrating solely on my practice. By not rushing through the postures, your body is given a chance to really facilitate the movements, benefiting fully from the yoga. Claire’s technique takes aspects from different styles of the practice, accumulating to a great balance between physicality, and mental wellbeing. I’m particularly fond of what I would describe as the Tai Chi elements, encouraging you to free up and move through your postures as opposed to just hitting those text book shapes. Someone at any level would benefit from these classes, as Claire focuses on each of her students individually as well the group as a whole, guiding her teaching to each persons ability and providing further options for those wishing to advance a posture. At the end of the class you are offered a generous amount of time to relax, and are offered additions such as an eye bag, or some crystals to use if and as you wish. For me, yoga isn’t just about building physical strength and gaining flexibility, its about cleansing myself mentally, and learning to move meditatively through the practice and into the rest of my week. Claire’s practice helps me to achieve this, and I really look forwards to her class each week." Sammy 

Euphoric in our praise

 “Due to age and arthritis in our little group we are euphoric in our praise as to how much doing yoga from a chair has helped us (who would of thought it!) We all have better joint movement, can walk easier and one of us has even been able to give up using a stick indoors and in general we feel so much better. Yoga has made us calmer in the stressed out world and has given us a huge feeling of well-being and contentment. Anyone who says they cannot do yoga, they certainly can, no matter how limited or how old. We didn’t think so either but the yoga Claire has designed for us has improved our lifestyle enormously. We feel our health can only get better and better.“ Doreen 

Passion for her students

"Claire has given me a brilliant insight to yoga and shares her passion with her students. Her classes are relaxed and invigorating at the same time, and offer different ability levels for beginners upwards. Claire explains the movements and meanings of the positions so you can have a greater understanding behind the practise. I love her classes, they are my favourite day of the week!" Helen

Helped me with movement and breathing

"I've recently started "yoga after speaking to a work colleague who recommended it, so I thought I would try it .After no time at all I was suprised by how it has helped me with movement, breathing and relaxation. Claire is a great teacher who can explain the movements in a calm and motivational way" Tim 

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