Krama Massage


Aromatherapy is a soul soothing relaxing massage, and unknown to most, essential oils blended to your condition play a very important medical function for the whole body.  Combined with a gentle massage to stimulate blood flow and drainage, the essential oils enter both the bloodstream and respiratory systems.  The oil blends also smell good and communicate with the brain to releasing positive endorphins.  This  delivers  a wonderful sense of wellbeing and increased energy and vitality.

Healing with aroma massage is so much more than skin deep.  The therapeutic and healing use of aromatherapy, dates back thousand of years before the overuse in recent times of chemical induced solutions.  The therapeutic effects last long after the treatment has been carried out. 

Claire your therapist holds a diploma in aromatherapy massage and Indian Head.  As a yoga teacher, a holistic approach forms part of the massage including healing mediation.  All oils and carriers for massage are blended to your condition, and holistically sourced.  

Massage options: 

  • Prescriptive aromatherapy, blended specific to your condition - 90 minutes  -£65

  • 60 minute holistic aromatherapy full body massage £45

  • 60 Indian head massage (includes led relaxation) - £35

Massages with aromatherapy health benefits


The benefits are individual, some examples:-

  • Improves the mood, and lifts the spirit
  • Soothes away tension from stress and anxiety
  • Physically and physiologically relaxing
  • Reduces muscular tension and stiffness 
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow 
  • Removes toxins and waste products, increases immunity 
  • Regenerates the skin and stimulates nerve endings 
  • Sinus relief, eyestrain, headaches, migraines are also alleviated 

Claire's holistic approach

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