Krama Yoga


When we practice yoga it helps us to unify the body and mind and find a place of stillness and calm. In a western society its very easy to lose ourselves amongst the hustle and bustle of modern lifestyle, and its only normal to end up feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.  

Technology has advanced at a rate that human evolution can't keep up with, and the brain needs nurturing and time away from the flight and fight.  Yoga takes us out of the mind and back into the moment, as we breathe with intention and move the body with flow. 


Yoga is a fantastic all-round exercise and a great stretch, but its also an ancient practice that works on the body and the mind creating flexibility and unity from the inside out.

The style of yoga I teach is a holistic Hatha based practice incorporating Qi Gong as taught during my 500-hour advanced teacher training course.  Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of flow and moving meditation and adds a "Chi" element to traditional Indian yoga postures.  The purpose is to seamlessly connect one posture to the next, so the student does not feel stuck or uncomfortable, particularly if new to yoga.  The flowing sequence creates a wonderful feeling of wellbeing when we move and flow in time with the breath.    

Let Go

When we breathe and move the body in unity, yoga creates inner stillness and tranquility,  We feel both revitalised and relaxed at the same time.  The practice of yoga allows us to reach a state of tranquility, this is bought about as during the practice of yoga the mind is present; in the moment.  

At the end of every session the relaxation know as Shavasana is where we process and repair, and to just be.. Each relaxation is typically themed around the season or weather. This prevents the mind from wandering. If you haven't practiced yoga before and you have trouble relaxing or sleeping - Krama yoga is for you!

To deepen your practice, or you can't get to one of my regular classes?  Krama Yoga hosts two yoga retreats a year in fabulous locations in Cornwall.  Suitable for students, or newcomers who want to combine yoga with nature.  Time away to rebalance mind - body - and spirit.. 

Yoga retreats